Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Orleans

Spent a week in New Orleans earlier this month. What a fantastic city. The French Quarter and Frenchmen street are much like my neighborhood in Baltimore (well, Fells Point, which is near me), just a larger scale.

A great mix of interesting history, interesting things to see, and fantastic food and drink. We skipped hitting Bourbon Street (a couple of beers at the oldest bar in the US), and instead focused on the incredible food scene.

We arrived, late, on Wednesday the 10th. We sucked it up, and went to Emeril's.

You go to Emeril's with high expectations. Seriously high. I mean, it's Emeril's. Expectations, dare I say it, exceeded. Service was fantastic, the place is very cool, and the food was outstanding. The stand out was the sausage. If you go to New Orleans, go here.

On the 11th, it snowed. In Louisiana. We wandered to Mother's for lunch, apparently this is one of the places to get a po' boy. Eh. It was OK, but it was a seriously cool place. Ambiance counts for something.

We took a cooking class given by Frank Brigsten, of Brigsten's. Very cool experience, and we met the owner of NOLA brewing.

We ate a couple of meals at a little place called Eat. Fantastic, brunch and lunch.

Saturday was spend on a holiday house tour in the Garden District, where we had a fantastic lunch at a place I can not remember.. it was on Magazine St, and I could find it again.

Saturday night was the Bombay Club, on the recommendation of a dude we met in a mall. Quite nice place, and the food was very impressive.

We also ate at NOLA, Emeril's place in the Quarter. The only dissapointing meal, mostly because the service was off. The food was quite good.

On Monday, it was K Paul's. If you don't go here when in town, you are really missing out. Outstanding food, outstanding service, and it's the home of the original New Orleans Chef.

We saved the best for last, however. Herbsaint was incredible, one of the best meals I've ever had.

I don't have much other commentary. The people in this city are incredibly friendly, the food is awesome, everywhere, and the rebuilding is still happening. I will go back.

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