Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1000th post

1000 posts in a little over 4 years. How about that.

As I'm getting older, I'm becoming more resolved that what I say here (or anywhere else) really doesn't matter that much. I'm not going to change anyone's mind. I had this realization with lifting about a year ago, when I was spending way too much time trying to teach people who didn't want to learn about training. The power of the Bro is strong, and I can not overcome it. Same is true with the power of the majority in this country.

People think they have the right, through the government, to take other peoples' stuff and give that stuff to the more deserving. That's not going to change, we are too far down the road. So I have to focus on doing the best I can, and defend my rights to the best of my ability, realizing, of course, I can't fight the state. I'll get some satisfaction when they finally get what they want, and someone in the federal government is deciding they can't have that joint replacement because they don't deserve it. Hopefully I'll be able to afford to outside the system, then, assuming that's legal.

I'll keep doing good things, keep helping where I can, and work hard so I can get to the point I don't have to anymore.


Malcolm said...

I think you're usually right in your posts and I think thats good enough reason not to give up on trying to change the world.
I'm still young and relatively naive, but surely truth, liberty and justice are worth struggling for - even when no ground can be gained.

Please keep up the blogging, I frequent yours atleast weekly.

Paul Stagg said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm not planning to stop the blog. This post is more a message and reminder that as frustrating as what's going on can be, we need to focus on the things we can control: our family, friends, and own well being.

I can't make them not spend $800million on pork this year, knowing that eventually they will come to me to get the money. And I'll have no choice. I can make sure I can afford it.