Sunday, February 8, 2009


So much has been said about the insane spending bill about to be passed, I don't really have that much more to add, other than to remark we are governed by simpletons.

This kind of stuff amazes me. It amazes me it gets said, it amazes me people buy it.
President Barack Obama pounded Republicans Saturday for policies that fueled the economic crisis, while welcoming a Senate deal on his stimulus bill that ideologically split lawmakers hope to finish by mid-month.

Obama said quick action on the package was imperative to avoid catastrophe and praised the group of moderate senators from both political parties for coming up with a compromise.

Senate Democrats agreed late Friday to trim spending proposals and support tax cuts in a roughly $800 billion bill. They rolled back an earlier $937 billion proposal by culling what critics, mostly Republicans, called billions of dollars in unwarranted spending.
Doesn't anyone understand this bill is the policies of the last 8 years, just more? Anybody realise the actual 'stimulating' spending (without going into too much detail on why government spending isn't any more stimulating than non government spending) is on the back end of the bill, at the same time we'll be coming out of the recession if we do nothing?

Which is what Congress should be doing. Nothing, other than cutting taxes. That's the only thing they can do to help the economy. The rest of it has to play out, and it will.

(By the way, this isn't the 'worst economy since the depression'. It isn't even close. But the more our President says it is, the more people act like it is, as he is the Messiah.)

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