Monday, May 16, 2005

Over the Quran?

I'm really confused by this story regardiing the violence in Afganistan after reports in Newsweek said US officials in Cuba desecrated the Quran.

First, why anyone is suprised that a print magazine like Newsweek got this wrong astounds me. Certainly they were tripping overthemselves with the possibility of making the current administration look bad (just like Faux News does to make them look good); they also compete in a world of up to the minute updates via web news sources, and have to compete somehow.

But the really confusing part is that 15 people died in violent protests over the desecration of a book. I don't think you would see this of ol' Osama burned or flushed a Bible or Torah. Do you?

What's the big deal? And what's the point of the violence over some paper?

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