Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Training: Max Effort Squat/Dead

I'm feeling really beat down. I was hoping my conditioning would be improving, alas, I just have to fight through this to get my conditioning up to par... which means I'm probably going to have to put some extra workouts in. Which sucks when you don't want to do the main workouts.
Reverse Band Deadlift (light bands secured at about head hight, the third hole down on the power rack.) This setup doesn't give much help at all, just a little off the floor.

Sucks. My form is awful. Part of it is that I was using straps (I think my grip is a weak point, and I don't want that to be what holds back straining), but my hips come up way too fast, and I can't seem to keep my head up. All sets were done without a belt or briefs, and I didn't use straps on the 425 single.

Zercher squat
3x5 @ 135
These are in to work on core stability. I really suck at these, which means I need to do them.

Poor mans GHR

Lying leg raises

10 mins stretching

Workout time: :55

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