Friday, May 20, 2005

Good for you, Bob

Maryland Governor vetoes the 'Fair Share Helath Care Act'. Strike a blow against the socialist movement in Maryland, although it seems there may be enough votes in the legislature to override the veto.

In the interest of 'equal time'Tom Paine's site has an entry on the veto. That writer points out the glory of Giant Foods. They may want to do a little research before they put Giant up on a pedastal. Of course, the main issue is that somehow the workers have a 'right' to something more from the employer, and the complete ignorance of how the market determines these things. The best part is a quote:
But equally important, Wal-Mart does not just have an obligation to its shareholders. It has some responsibility to its workers and to the communities in which it operates. By treating workers so poorly, it is abandoning its basic corporate responsibilities.

By treating workers so poorly, isn't Wal Mart just taking the risk of not being able to hire or keep good help? Their responsiblity to their workers is to live up to whatever employment agreement the workers and Wal Mart enter into voluntarily. Isn't it clear they may already be having some trouble with getting talented individuals? Let the market do it's thing. It's not like Wal Mart is forcing anyone to work there.

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