Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iraq, the new bastion of Liberty

Except for some people.
That is not enough for Ms Mohammed. She said: “We are practically being turned into slaves by the constitution, by admitting that Islam is the formal religion of the country, and by handing over the writing of it . . . to a bunch of religious bigots who want to see women inferior in society.”

Women’s advocacy groups have started demonstrating publicly, but they fear that their lobbying is being overshadowed by more pressing issues. “Unfortunately we don’t have a militia,” Masoon al-Denuchi, the Deputy Minister of Culture and president of the Iraqi Women’s Group, said bitterly. “The only thing we can do is lobby and talk and talk and talk.”

Gotta keep them in their place. Plus, they aren't as fiesty, so rolling back the freedom women had under Hussein won't cause a big rukus.

President Bush has an interesting definition of 'Liberty', but then, he's pushing for the Patriot Act.

Hat tip: The Agitator

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