Friday, July 1, 2005

Your Government at work

The National park Service has spent $20,000 of your money to revamp a video shown at the Lincoln Memorial.

Why? Because it showed primarily Leftist demonstrations, and not enough pro-war, anti-abortion, pro-gun, etc.

Park Service documents, released recently under the Freedom of Information Act to two liberal advocacy groups, show the agency moved quickly to assuage conservatives' ire.

The service bought footage of President Bush, pro-gun demonstrations and pro-Iraq war rallies and even considered cutting out a section showing former President Clinton, a Democrat.

Park Service officials said they wanted the video to be politically balanced but refused to provide a copy of the revision to The Associated Press, saying it was still being evaluated.

Fantastic. Money well spent, I say. Have we found Osama? No, but we've got Republicans equally represented in the Lincon Memorial video. Thank goodness.

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