Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Government to Self: don’t become tyrannical

Fantastic post at Lew Rockwell today on the new Iraqi Constitution.

The article links to a translation of the latest draft, and highlights some key points. They certainly fit in with the Administration's definition of 'Liberty', and show quite nicely how Liberty and Democracy are not equal.

The Iraqi citizens [shall have] the right to enjoy security and free health care. It is the responsibility of the central Iraqi state and the regional, provincial, local, and municipal governments to provide [health care] and to expand [it] in the fields of prevention, treatment, and protection of children, pregnant women, school students, workers, the disabled, and the aged.

It is forbidden to construct civil society organizations whose activities are aggressive, harmful to the interests of the society, secret, military in character, or take the form of militias.

The state shall provide for harmonization of the duties of the women towards their family and their work in the society. [It shall also provide for] their equality with men in all fields without disturbing the provisions of the Islamic shari’a.

Children and youth may not be used in vulgar trades or employed in work that is not appropriate for their age. The state shall take measures to guarantee the protection of children.

Paying taxes and fiscal expenses are a duty for each Iraqi citizen, provided that the taxes and fees are not imposed, computed, or collected except by law.

Freedom of opinion, expression, organization, publishing, printing, the press, media, advertising, meetings, peaceful demonstration, and parties is guaranteed in accordance with the law and insofar as public security and morals are not harmed.

Iraqi citizens have the right to enjoy security, education in all its stages, health care, and social insurance.

The state shall strive to provide prosperity and employment opportunities for all members of the Iraqi people.

Freedom of the press, printing, publishing, media, and advertising are guaranteed and the law regulates the exercise of these freedoms.

There shall be no censorship on newspapers, printing, publishing, media, and advertising except by law.

That doesn't look anything like Liberty to me. And we sent over a thousand people to die for it. (Or was that WMDs, or terrorists, who can keep track?)

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