Thursday, August 11, 2005

Typical Unions

They want everyone to pay more than necessary. One more reason to support Wal-Mart, I suppose.
The so-called ``Send Wal-Mart Back to School'' campaign claims that Wal-Mart hurts families and children by offering poverty level wages and poor benefits; discriminating against women; and violating child labor laws by having minors work longer than legally permitted and operate dangerous machinery such as chain saws.
Of course, no one has actually successfully shown this to be the case, or law enforcement would have been involved, yes?

Goodness knows we don't want poor families paying less for crayons and notebooks.


Anonymous said...

My mom tried to get a job at wal-mart to supplement her income (she does hair for a living) and they offered her $6.95 per hour to work in the shoe department and they said that this amount was WITH a 50 cent increase because she'd had the same job for 12 years.

Walmart offers no benefits and takes advantage of people who cant get any other kind of job. My mom turned the job down. She is 57 years old and would have had to drive 25 miles per day to make 6.95 an hour.

Walmart used to be a great store. Now, imho, it sucks.

Paul Stagg said...

How is that Wal Mart's fault?

Anonymous said...

How is what WalMart's fault? The fact that they offer no benefits and hire people for dirt wages? Hmm...

Oh and I'm sure its not Walmart's fault that they've been under fire for discrimination against women.

Walmart really does suck.

Paul Stagg said...

Then don't shop there.

But don't suggest your mom's situation is anything but her own responsibility.

WalMart offered her a job, she didn't take it because the pay was too low - I don't see a problem.