Monday, October 31, 2005

They are all the same

Really. Libby, the indicted chief of staff to our current veep, was the attorney for Marc Rich (the guy Bill Clinton pardoned at the end of his terms). That explains the lack of any investigation by the current administration, doesn't it.

The web of connections continues - Rich is mentioned in the Oil for Food scandal, Judith Miller and Libby appear to be connected by more than just information; she stayed in jail for months to protect his identity, he writes her little notes in what looks like code.

To sum it up:
So Libby's case provides a lesson in how Washington works. To use his image, when people are so connected in sneaky ways, if one "tree" starts to turn, an entire cluster might fall.

Those in power are ideologically different in name only. Like different clubs, not different policies or behavior.

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