Saturday, October 1, 2005

Training: DE Bench

Virtually no one in the gym today. It bothers me to see an overweight couple using the leg adductor to target their problem areas, when the real problem area is the dinner table.

I hope they can find their way to the right information.


Phase 1, Cycle 5, Day 4
Bench press
2x20 @ 45
2x3 @ 135
8x3 @ 185
All 8 sets fast.

JM press
4x6 @ 145

Neutral grip pullups
6x5, 1x3(f)

Seated DB clean
2x15 @ 20

DB pullovers things (db in each hand)
2x15 @ 10

Treadmill: 23 mins, 1.2 mi, 190 cal

Workout time: 1:20p - 2:35p

End of another cycle, lets see how I'm doing.

Improve Conditioning
Not only did I actually hit the treadmill goal this week, but each session got easier. I'm also getting through the main session quite well. 1:20 goal next cycle.

Improve Mobility
Tested my mobility a little this cycle, and it's to a point where it really isn't an issue. I need to do a little work, but nothing major. This comes out of the tracking. Flexibility, however, is still an issue.

Build base strength by focusing on the basics
Well, I had to stretch this cycle out due to a number of reasons. Things are coming along here well. The 3 lifts over 90% on the ME stuff, still working up at leaste every other cycle on DE stuff, and assistance/supplemental work is moving in the right direction. I'm also getting that 'lifter' look back. That leads into something else - I've been reading Supertraining, and one of the first things in the book is that strength gains associated with hypertrophy are longer lasting than those due to better CNS recruitment. Certainly I need to move both, but spending some time focused on hypertrophy might be a good idea. The issue with that is weight class - I'm pushing 230, and getting bigger will pretty much require I move to the 242 class... and that means new gear.

I'm going to continue Phase 1 until mid October, when Phase 2 will start with a clearer focus on hypertrophy, as well as a better diet focus. Next cycle, however, diet will clean up - I need to get leaner as I get bigger, if I can.

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