Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I just got a reason to root for Kurt.

And keep pulling for the Blue Deuce.

Busch was suspended by Rousch Racing for getting a reckless driving citation and having a bit of an altercation with a certainly fine member of the law enforcement community.

The aforementioned law officer suggested that Kurt smelled like he has alcohol on his breath. Bush was uncooperative about the breath test (as any person should be, given the gross violation of the Constitution breath tests are), and the equipment down at the station malfunctioned.

Without worrying about both sides of the story, Rousch racing suspended him, and Diego (the owners of Crown Royal, one of Busch's sponsors) agreed, what with their 'responsible drinking' message.

Lo and behold, his BAC has been released. A whopping .017. Approximately what it is after you use mouthwash.

So I can keep not liking Rousch, and keep rooting for the #2, because Kurt stood up for himself, and Rousch pretty much jumped on any chance to get him out of the car for spite. Kurt should wear Miller Lite patches at the points ceremony.

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