Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Sending the wrong message.

The Bush administration is all upset because Howard Dean said it's wrong to think the US will win in Iraq. Of course, he's got a point (and I'm no fan of 'ol Howard). We don't know what victory is in Iraq. We thought it was removing Saddam from power and getting rid of the 'threat'. We did that (well, there was no threat, but that doesn't matter), but apparently we aren't done, as we have to 'stop the terrorists', which is, frankly, unwinnable. Then it's 'spread democracy', which so far has resulted in building a base for an Islamic Theocracy.

Yet we are still there.

What does the White House say? Do they define the mission? Do they tell us what 'victory' is? Nah.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said President George W. Bush is "focused on our plan for victory," and will give the second in a series of speeches on Wednesday about the way forward in Iraq looking ahead to Dec. 15 elections.

"I think that on the eve of historic elections, it sends the wrong message to our troops. America wants our troops to win and we have a plan to help them succeed and we know that they will," McClellan said.

Sending the wrong message. As if not having a defined mission is the right one.

Why is that?

Because it will never be over. There never was a plan to be finished. The plan is permanent occupation. Because this is a war of Imperialism, a war to secure and control the flow of oil. Of course, that message wouldn't have been bought by the US public, so that's not the message they sent us.

They also say this:
He suggested Dean had some explaining to do.

"I think those are remarks for him to clarify," McClellan said, calling it "absolutely the wrong message to send to our troops when we are on the verge of historic accomplishments."

DEAN has some explaining to do?!?! He didn't attack Iraq. He didn't build support for the invasion using incorrect information, lies, and doublespeak.

And why aren't Republicans all upset about the 'make the troops feel good' message here... it's quite the point of mokery when the Democrats do something stupid so people will 'feel good'? Are they all so blinded by bloodlust? Who cares if the troops feel good, let's care that we don't get any more of them killed for nothing.

The only way this changes is to get rid of the hypocrites and liars, and start voting outside the two party system.

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