Wednesday, December 7, 2005

This is important stuff.

Radley Balko of and Cato is doing research on drug raids that go bad, either where police or residents are involved in violence.

His research started with an interest in this case, which is near where I live... a woman who had no involvement in the drug trade was shot and killed by a member of a SWAT team that entered her house with no warning or announcement when she brandished a handgun thinking her house was being invaded by robbers.

This story Radley found is just awful. It points out not only the gross injustice in the war on drugs, but also the continued issues with racism, nepotism, and a big problem with the death penalty.

This guy is going to be put to death by the state for defending himself. Because he defended himself against a cop. The son of the police chief.

Kudos to Balko for looking into something mass media seems to be happy ignoring.

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