Saturday, January 14, 2006

Training: Regular Phase, Cycle 3, Day 1, again

Decided to do it, just a couple of days late. I still had to back off a little on the accessory work.
ME Squat/Dead
Warmup - 5 mins elliptical, dynamic work
High box squat (hole 4, 1 inch higher than DE)
I couldn't find a PR for this.

Leg Press
2pps x10
3x5 @ 3pps

Pull thru
3x10 @ 140

Pull down abs
2x15 @ 150


Workout time: 1:50 - 3:00

I have to hit my DE squat/dead workout a day early (Tuesday), so I needed to back this off a little to make sure I'm up for that. Taking an extra couple of days off wasn't exactly what I should have done, but life goes on. I really do need to up the conditioing work, I was running really well for a while, but it seems I hit the week 3 mark, I start to wear out.


Casually Me said...

What weight are you competing at, with all that damned cardio? Trying to live a long life, how dare you.

Paul Stagg said...

220 or 242, depending on how things go.

I'm 230 right now.

I'm getting old, and heart trouble runs in my family, although the cardio is more for conditioning than heart health, that's certainly a side benefit, eh?

Casually Me said...

I tried the cardio again recently, and not kidding caught pneumonia a week after getting started. I am blaming the cardio. I'm on that Gillingham dvd for training right now, that has to be the best training dvd out there. I have 15 weeks til the next meet, so it works out. I am 41, going to be over 300 for that meet, and doing no like I am taking any chances or anything...