Tuesday, January 17, 2006


As a lifelong resident of the Baltimore area, I am required by statute to hate* a specific sports franchise. That franchise is the Indianapolis Colts.

So throughout the season, I've been troubled. In week 14, when they lost to San Diego, I felt some relief, that the hated* team would not break any record.

Then they play the Steelers. The rival from the AFC North. I'm torn, but I pull for the upset, for the Colts to continue without a championship trophy. I missed watching the game, but got to listen to a little on the radio while out and about. I am pleased.

But with all that hate* I still had to give the Colts credit. They have a hell of a team, and one of the greatest QBs ever... until the whining and crying started.

"I'm just trying to be a good teammate here," Manning said before doing the opposite. "Let's just say we had some problems in protection."

With that comment, Manning skidded off the high and mighty road. Remember this was the guy who called kicker Mike Vanderjagt an "idiot" for calling out teammates in similar fashion a few years back.

* I don't really 'hate' anyone, it's all in fun, really.

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