Thursday, February 16, 2006

This says something

I'm not sure what, but something.

American Idol's ratings were higher than the ratings for the coverage of the Olympics. I think this is interesting.

People like a good story, and the Olympics really hasn't produced one. I think it's a shame we've gotten to this point. The inspiring story about the athlete can add interest, certainly, but it's the competion I want to see. Alas, coverage over the years has turned to the inspiring story being primary, and the sport secondary. So in a year where there isn't a story, no one is watching. Go back to covering the sport, and maybe people will get more interested.

The Olympics are also an opportunity to capture peoples interest showing sports we don't get to see very often. Many of those sports don't translate to TV well, anyway. Then you bore me with the 'inspiring' story about the cross country skiier's dog or something, and I'm watching 'Idol' too.

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