Monday, May 1, 2006


Some say it's all in the planning, others in the execution.

I'm living proof that execution is a requirement. If it were all planning, I'd squat 750.

That said, I'm getting back to it. The old house is on the market, the new house is slowly coming together. The next big hurdle is to get 2 pieces of furniture in - they won't fit up the stairs, so one has to be hoisted to the third floor (bedroom) on to a small balcony and through French (or shoudl that be 'freedom') doors. The second is an entertainment center that has to be walked around the end of the row of houses, hoisted up a level to the back decks, then walked over 3 decks to get to our back door, then in. We have a referral for a moving company that may be able to do this... I'm waiting to hear back.

Once that's done, we have one more Ikea thing to put to gether in the loft, and I need to get a temporary desk for our home PC. Then we can pretty much unpack.

I'm starting back to the gym, though, as it's been long enough, and I need to get back on track for my mental and physical well being. As usual, I have a plan. I've included some basic nutrition stuff, as well as some lifestyle things I need to get under control. I'm also going to get back to posting updates daily, including training sessions. The board is a neat feature, but I just don't have time to promote it or use it. I'll keep it up and running for now.

I'll do my best to use the blog as an accountability tool, and report back on everything. Long term, I'd like to get in a meet by the end of the year.

[RE = Repetitive Effort]

Training (Weeks 1-3)
Cardio 4 times a week (use treadmill at home)
Train @ gym 4 days/week
2 Lower
Monday – RE Squat (Squat, front squat, SLDL, low back, abs, calves)
Friday – RE Dead (Deadlift, Good Morning, Traps, low back, abs, grip)
2 Upper
Wednesday – RE Bench (Bench, OH Press, Row, pressdowns, curls)
Sunday – RE DB Bench (Db Bench, Close grips, Chin, lat raise, cuff stuff)
Dynamic warmup each workout
Stretch after each workout, and after any extra workout

Use RE work – reps 8-12
3-5 sets
Shoot for short rests.

Bench, squat, dead each week.

Training (Weeks 3-6)
Cardio 4x per week
Increase volume

Go back to standard conjugated periodization template (ME/DE)
Train 4x every week

See Above

Stop eating out
5 veggies per day
2 fruits per day
250g protein per day
STOP ice cream, sugar sodas, pizza, chips, etc.

NO Tobacco.
Limit alcohol
Get 7 hours sleep each night
Stop spending money like an idiot.

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