Monday, October 30, 2006

Post Gap

Sorry. Had a few things that have kept me from blogging.

1) Work. Been busy. Real busy. At the beginning of this year, I took on more responsibility (more territory). I thought it would be no problem, and it's not, really, but I have weeks that feel like I spend all my waking hours working, except for the few that I have a cocktail and read a newspaper.

2) Wedding. Not mine. My mother in law got married this weekend. An out of town thing, we were in a hotel from Thursday to Sunday. Lesson learned: Don't put my wife and her sister in a flying metal tube without the means for one of them to get out. Otherwise, there WILL be an argument in the rental car. The guy she (my MIL) married is a good guy, and his kids and their families are good people. All in all, it was a nice time.

A note on training: I haven't been, again... due to 1 and 2 above, as well as that nasty cold I had a couple of weeks ago. This week at work is going to be tough again, but I'm going to train on Weds and Fri, and get the ship pointed in the right direction.

Or I'll take up mall walking or something.

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