Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stupid? I think so.

I also think stupid is funny, so I'm sharing.

Some nitwit, namely David Perfect ( from Jacobs Engineering, sent the crack young staff at the Hatemongers Quarterly some feedback on an old post.

From his work e-mail.

Now, I do not pretend to be the smartest guy in the world. Top 5%, certainly, but not the smartest. But exactly how stupid do you have to be to send:
F*** you for your comments on miss [sic] Rohe
from your WORK e-mail address, and not think it just might get posted on Al Gore's World Wide Web, along with your real name and your e-mail address.

And that people like me, noting the stupidity, might further the spread of that information.

Who doesn't have a personal e-mail now? I've got 2 with my name (hotmail and gmail), one for the blog (libertarianlifter at gmail dot com), and one that's totally annonymous. All free, all easy as pie to set up and check. Sure, I get a lot of spam (especially at my hotmail address, which I now pretty much use as a spam dump), but no one will ever see my work e-mail address posted on the internet after I send a nasty little e-mail.

Perhaps I should send Mr. Perfect a gmail invite.

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