Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Note to Baltimore City.

You are an idiot. One giant colletive moron. Why?

Flashing blue lights in Fells Point.

Some time ago, Baltimore got some Federal bucks to further infringe on the rights of the individuals, and started putting up police cameras. They said they would only go on 'known drug corners' or 'high crime areas'. In a fit of brilliance, they decided to affix a blue strobe light to the top of the camera, so that everyone would know exactly where the camera is. Which essentially moved the known drug corners to other corners, and of course leads to more flashing blue lights.

I was driving through Fells Point a couple of weeks ago... I don't go to Fells Point as often as I used to since we moved to Canton. I noted a flashing blue strobe light at the corner of Aliceanna and Broadway.

Probably the least likely drug corner in the city.

That corner is, however, the hub of a bustling trendy touristy neighborhood. So it makes sense, I guess, to the City of Baltimore to put a flashing blue light that says 'stay out, with your money and your huge development plans! We don't want no property appreciation here!'

Morons. Seriously.

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