Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How far will this go?

I'm not much for watching TV any more. I like Dirty Jobs, and the Food Network is cool, but I've never seen the show Grey's Anatomy.

I also, generally, don't pay attention to Hollywood news. I don't care who Britney showed her genitals to, or who is divorcing whom.

However, the story about an actor on Grey's Anatomy using the word 'faggot' struck me as odd. Not so much that an enlightened thespian would utter such a horrid attack, but the reaction (his) to it. Apparently, he's going into residential counseling. Because he called a gay guy a faggot.


I'm not a fan of the word, or disparaging hurtful language toward any particular group. But residential counseling? That's what you do when you won't stay on your meds and keep trying to kill yourself, not what you do when you call someone a name.

What if you say something worse?

What a ridiculous overreaction.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! At what point do we throw out our Right to Freedom of Speech because someone doesn't like a word? And who gets to 'decide' which words are worse than others? It's Ridiculous! IT'S A WORD! I hear blacks saying the word 'nigger', but gosh forbid if a white person says it...jokes can be made in certain circles, but not others... pleeease...I'm getting nauseous here! Many blacks I hav spoken with don't even know that there were White Slaves loong before there were black slaves...where's that chip on MY shoulder? No one alive today was ever's time to get over it and stop using past issues as an excuse for your unrestrained anger to towards whites. I am not saying to forget History...History is very important to help us learn! But know the TRUTH! It's easy to learn the Truth about anything...even a political candidate, with a little research. We are going to restrict ourselves right back into bondage if we keep nit picking at trivial issues like this. Don't believe everything that is pumped at you via the cathorade tube! The media doesn't sell airtime and newspapers don't get read, unless there's controversy! I hope America is Smarter than that. Learn the Truth and use Common Sense. We NEED our Constitution.... let's stop the radicals from tripping the panic switches....and lastly, you don't even hav to agree with me! Knowing what's going on in the world...that's the key. The TRUTH can be learned with just a little effort to find it. Thanks.