Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Found the zone

A number of lifters describe themselves when training as being different people, or in different places. I don't really experience that (which is part of why I don't have impressive numbers). Tonight I did. I'm not sure who I was, but I wasn't Paul.
1/24/2007 ME Bench
Warmup: 1x15 of face pull, pushup, ext rotation, 45 degree back raise

Floor press
3x1 @ 265

Close grip incline
3x5 @ 155

Side lateral raise
3x8 @ 30

Hammer Strength Seated row
45/side x 5
2x5 @ 135/side

HS pulldown
2x10 @ 90/side
Hammer curls
2x15 @ 30
Light band pressdown (2 hands)
Cuff stuff

You'll notice I skipped a workout. My back is getting better, and I didn't want to put it at risk under suboptimal conditions - lots of driving, not good eating.

I also think I'm going to do another 3 weeks of a prep phase before I really get going. My conditioning and work capacity is coming up, but I'd like to get a bit more.

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