Friday, January 12, 2007

Three in a row!

Yes, three training sessions in a row... it's like a record or something. I'm out of shape, and struggling a bit to get through them, but that's the point of a preparation phase. The real work comes in a couple of weeks.
1/12/2007 DE Squat
Warmup - elliptical

Box Squat
2x3 @ 45
2x3 @ 95
20x3 @ 135, less than one minute between sets.

This is harder than you would think... mosttly because I'm out of shape.

Pull thru
3x12 @ 100

Pull down abs
2x15 @ 100

Good morning
3x12 @ 45

Yes, 45. I was exhausted, and I didn't think I could actually put any weight on the bar.


Stretching and out

My lower back is tight as hell - I need to stretch a couple of times a day to get it loosened up; I have a chiro visit scheduled on Wednesday.

Eating continues to go well.

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