Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Friday night, we did the Fells Point Art Loop with a group of friends, and came back to La Casa de Stagg for a dinner of lasagna and shrimp scampi (depending on your diety affiliation, as it was Good Friday).

What was cool about it? That all of the people there, we met through J's business. That says a lot, not only about how she runs her business, but how cool it is to live in an urban area like this.

Where else but in Baltimore, would you have:

A realtor
A fat guy with a goatee and an MBA
An undercover vice cop
A salon owner
A teacher/do-gooder/runner of non profit
A printing company owner
A sex toy marketer
A commercial real estate expert

All in one place for dinner, all connected via someone who sells houses.

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