Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maryland: On the leading edge of destroying freedom. Again.

This time, they have voted to drop out of the Electoral College by giving all electors to the Presidential candididate with the most votes Nationwide.

By not understanding why there is an Electoral College, O'Malley and his minions continue to do everything they can to destroy what's left of the Classical Liberal foundation of this Union.
But the new rules would also disconnect a state's voters from its electors. Maryland voters could vote 100 percent Democratic, but if the Republican won the national vote, Maryland's electoral vote would go to the Republican. "It's based on the proposition that, say, those of us who live in Maryland care more about the national outcome of the popular vote for the president across the country than we do for our own particular state," Mann said.

Die, Federalism. Die.

Of course, in typical Maryland fasion, they don't actually have the stones to do anything... the bill just says if other states do this, we'll do it.

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