Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Did Carl Rove destroy the Republican Party? Is McCain finishing the job?

This Libertarian hasn't voted for a Republican for President since George HW Bush in 1988. The Republicans threw me away with the zealous war on drugs, and cemented my distaste with the last 7 years of trading freedom for "security". The gay marriage thing is pandering to evengelicals, and not a real issue, any more than abortion is a real issue. It is much bigger than that.
But this Libertarian certainly can't consider voting for Obama (and has never voted for a Democrat for President), for pretty obvious reasons.
The Republicans have a serious identity problem, and while a split will create issues of power in the short term, we may find something positive comes out of this long term; one can hope a splinter of the Republicans can unite with freedom loving Democrats and build a more libertarian coalition.
Hey, a guy can dream.

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