Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Social networks are public!

I'm finding I get a kick out of twitter. Mostly due to who I follow, not so much what I post, although I'm learning how to add value to all the noise.

What's funny is how some people don't understand that twitter is public. Really. Think before you post.

I know I've tried to be very careful about identification. I don't hide who I am, so if my boss wants to find me in the interweb, he can. But when discussing politics, or, frankly, any controversial issue, I keep it clear that it's MY personal comments, that no way reflect my employer. I don't identify my employer on twitter or on my blog (although if you look hard enough, you can find out).

I know my boss can see my Facebook page, and I've got a website where the URL is my name. I'm not going to trash my company, make them look bad, or discuss anything I don't want them to know on any internet medium other than secure email.

Seriously. How can anyone not get this?

Link via problogger on twitter.

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