Thursday, May 26, 2005


A big part of me finds great amusement in 'conservatives' arguing... It looks like there will be a vote to allow federal funding of stem cell research.

It also sounds like the President will actually find his pen, and veto a bill, the first one of his presidency.

Thing is, I don't get what they are fighting about. The issue isn't the morality of stem cell research. It's perfectly legal, and if I want to go do some research on stem cells from discarded embryos, I certainly can. It's about the ever expanding role of government and spending on things that have nothing to do with the role of the federal government. Hell, if they think spending on research is OK, why not just socialize healcare altogether and be done with it? From what I can tell, none of them really have a problem with that, other than it's Hilliary's idea.

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