Sunday, May 22, 2005

We Love You, Lopez

98 Rock's longtime newsguy, Robert Edward Lopez, died today at the age of 52.

Lopez has been a part of my life for as long as I have been listening to radio. From being a preteen listening to Corduff and Lopez, to being a growup listening to KML, Lopez was where I got my morning news fix almost every morning for 25 years.

The station, today, has been running recorded messages left by listeners. I would have loved to call, but I can't talk about Lopez for long enough without choking up. It's like losing a lifelong friend, one I never met in person. From his interaction with Mamma Panz, to his "Don't f-ck with the news", to the last iteration of the morning show which he seemed to really enjoy, he always exibited a dry wit and a good heart. He'll always be a very special part of the fabric of Baltimore.

To his wife (who we all also got to know as the fabled 'Trixie'), his daughter, his family, Kirk and Mark, all of his coworkers, and every one who listened to the 98 Rock Morning Show for the last 27 years (every iteration of it), my deepest condolances.

Lopez, thank you. We'll miss you, news in the morning will never be the same. I'll have a Dewars tonight for you.

Life is short, laugh hard - Lopez.

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