Monday, December 19, 2005

Short Term Training Goals

Don't skip a training session
Measures: Obvious
Strategy: Go to the gym

Continue to improve mobility
Measure: Squat form improves, Flexibility improves, Remain injury free
Strategy: Perform mobility work for lower body at least 2x per cycle, upper at least 1x. Stretch after each workout

Continue to improve conditioning
Measure: Ability to get through workouts. Ability to remain motivated
Strategy: 1 hour+ of treadmill work. Additional workouts (interval training, band work, etc). Add unconventional work to 2 workouts per week (farmers walk, turkish get ups, db swings, etc)

Get to within 10% of personal best lifts
Measure: Personal bests
Strategy: Move to singles on ME day. Work supplemental and accessory work hard.

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