Monday, December 19, 2005

Training: Prep Phase, Cycle 3, Day 4

Well, not really. Decided to give myself a little break. Things have been very, very stressful lately. Since training went so well for the last 3 cycles, I decided to take an extra day, and not go today.

Instead, I'm going to type out the plan for the next phase. It's still kind of a prep phase, but I think I'm going to get away from naming the phase (other than just calling it a 'regular' phase), and instead focus on the short term and longer term goals... so here they are:

Short term (next 3 cycles):
Don't skip a training session
Continue to improve mobility
Continue to improve conditioning
Get to within 10% of personal best lifts

Medium term (next 3-12 cycles)
Remain consistent
Improve mobility
Maintain conditioning
Get leaner
Start setting PRs

Long Term (3 months to 1 year)
Remain consistent
Total USAPL or AAPF Class II (1350 or so as a 220, 1400 or so as a 242)
Achieve and maintain a healthy bodyfat percentage

Really Long Term (1 year+)
Total Elite
Total Elite as a masters lifter (40+)
Stay healthy
Continue lifting long into 50's and beyond

Now, in order to reach these goals, there will have to be some measures, as well as strategies. I'll detail more on each in individual posts.

Next training session is Max Effort Squat on Wednesday.

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